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    Please fill in this registration form to join the 4th Baltic MSP Forum on 1-2 June that will take place online. Soon after the registration you will receive confirmation email about your participation and further instructions how to join the online event.

  • Please select the workshops you plan to attend. Find workshop descriptions HERE.

  • 1 June - Workshop session 1 
    Workshop 1 - Fostering MSP through stakeholder involvement in national and international planning processes
    Workshop 2 - Measuring and integrating Blue growth in coastal and maritime spatial planning – the role of regional and local actors
    Workshop 3 - Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) - challenging part of MSP
  • 1 June – Workshop session 2 
    Workshop 4 - Maritime Spatial Planning, towards good environmental status of the Baltic Sea
    Workshop 5 - The role of MSP in supporting sustainable ocean Multi-Use and Blue Economy
    Workshop 6 - Land-sea interactions and values of local community
  • 2 June – Workshop session 3 
    Workshop 7- Multi-level governance for the coast and the sea – the new normal?
    Workshop 8 - How to enhance tools for data driven decision making in MSP?
    Workshop 9 - MSP and Climate Change – from theory to practice in the Baltic Sea Region
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