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    WorkshopFull dayWrite better BDD scenarios - Gáspár Nagy20
    TutorialFull dayDriving Lessons for Test Automators - Seretta Gamba20
    WorkshopFull dayEffective test automation under extreme pressure: Feature test model - Alexander Pushkarev20
    WorkshopFull dayCritical Thinking for Software Testers - Michael Bolton30
    WorkshopFull dayTap into the world of robotics - Roy de Kleijn20
    WorkshopFull dayConsumer-Driven Contracts approach - Konstantin Pletenev 20
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    Time 11:10 - 12:40
    Track 1 ()Jurijs Grigorjevs – From testing to quality engineering – the path to double value of testers.

    Polina Gorsanova, Janis Presis – Delivering on time and quality with less resources. A true project story of optimization!

    Vitali Lashchanka – Moving to Fail-Fast approach in Frontend Development
    Track 2 (CICD)Girts Baltaisbrencis – Shift Testing Left and Defects Down with CICD

    Gwen Stewart – QA in support of CD

    Vjaceslavs Lukasevics – Mastering hordes of CI jobs using Jenkins pipeline DSL
    Track 3 (Modern testing)Daria Lashkevich – Hear me sign: Sign language translator development and test

    Egita Vilcane – Investigation of ML in QA

    Audrius Sabaliauskas – Mitigating dependencies pitfalls in app development
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    Time 14:00 - 15:20
    Track 4 (TA)Seretta Gamba – Seven proven ways to ruin your Test Automation

    Alexander Pushkarev – Test automation, Unicorns and other things that do not exist

    Andrejs Kalnacs – Flaky tests – not on my watch
    Track 5 (Agile)Szilárd Széll – Testing in DevOps – how to assess teams and give guidance

    Alexey Shnyakin – Continuous micro services testing

    Track 6 ()Martin Boesgaard – Derive good test data from production data without breaking privacy laws

    Igor Samokysh – Performance testing of web applications – so much more than running a script

    Kristine Kronberga – Galen – a new way to test website layouts
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