Conference registration

     This form allows to submit your request of registration for 
    EENA2020 Conference and Exhibition.


    Only EENA members, emergency services and public administration staff
    can register via this form.

  • You are not a member? Find more information HERE and/or contact Kasia Koc at

  •  It is important to introduce CORRECTLY your first and last name in the form as this is how it will be visible on your badge.

    example of correctly provided name: Jane Smith
    (please avoid abbreviations and full names in capital letters)

  • All participants (especially speakers and exhibitors) are requested to provide their mobile numbers to receive on-site notifications.

  • Please provide your correct job title in ENGLISH. 

    example: Firefighter - Sales Manager

    to avoid capital letters and abbreviations.

  • Please provide the correct translation of ythe name of your organisation here in ENGLISH.  It is important to correctly name your organisation in order for others to understand as it will be visible on your badge the way you introduce it here. 

    Avoid capital letters and abbreviations.

  • -    Public authority (employees of emergency services, ministries and local governments, telecom regulators, EU Institutions, etc)
    -    Private company (employees of vendor companies, consultancy, start-ups, etc)
    -    Other (employees of NGOs, research institutes, universities, students, etc

  • General Data Protection Regulation


    * By registering to the event, you are being automatically added to the list of conference participants. This list will be shared with all the conference participants (only your name, job title, organisation and country will be displayed). We will never share externally your email address, phone number or any other contact details. Read our full privacy policy & legal notices. If you would like to OPT-OUT from the list, please contact Kasia Koc at

    ** Photos and videos will be taken during the event by the EENA official photographers and filming crew for EENA marketing purposes only. If you disagree, please inform Kasia Koc at before the start of the event.