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    EENA2021 Conference and Exhibition
  • Information notice published on 08/07/2021
    Right now in Latvia, events such as the EENA annual event are ONLY OPEN to those participants who can prove that they are FULLY VACCINATED against Covid-19 or have RECOVERED from it during the SIX months before the event. In October, if there is no change to the rules set by Latvian authorities, the EENA annual event will be allowed to accept only such participants at the entrance of the venue.

    Please take this information into account when registering. We will be updating this information regularly.

    Further informationhttps://eenaconference.org/covid-19-updates/ 


    Only EENA members, emergency services, public administration employees, researchers and NGO staff can register via this form.

    Your company is not member of EENA? For more information contact Kasia Koc at kk@eena.org 

  •  It is important to introduce and spell CORRECTLY your first and last name in the form as this is how it will be visible on your badge ex: Jane Smith

    (please avoid abbreviations and names written fully with capital letters)

  • All participants (especially speakers and exhibitors) are requested to provide their mobile numbers to receive on-site notifications.

  • Please provide your correct job title in ENGLISH and avoid capital letters and abbreviations ex: Firefighter - Sales Manager

  • Please provide the correct translation of your organisation here in ENGLISH (does not apply to Proper nouns) as this is how it will be visible on your badge ex: Emergency Response Centre Agency 112

    (please avoid capital letters and abbreviations)

  • -    Public authority (employees of emergency services, ministries and local governments, telecom regulators, EU Institutions, etc)
    -    Private company (employees of vendor companies, consultancy, start-ups, etc)
    -    Other (employees of NGOs, research institutes, universities, students, etc

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    By filling in this form, your data will be shared with EENA and Mitto for the purpose of organising and updating you on the EENA Conference 2021. You can read our privacy policy HERE

  • ** Photos and videos will be taken during the event by the EENA official photographers and filming crew for EENA marketing and promotional purposes only. You may check our photo gallery after the event and tell us if you disagree to appear on any photo/video. In this case, please inform Kasia Koc at kk@eena.org.